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About Us


In May 1993, the current director Shao-Kuei Wu established the JANG SHIN LAW FIRM. The reason why the firm was named "JANG SHIN" at the beginning of its establishment was that it promised to become the most creditworthy law firm in central Taiwan. Since its practice, it has deeply cultivated the central region. We always adhere to our position as judicial officers and commit to the frontline of professional legal services. Over the years, it has been strongly supported and recognized by our clients.

Since its inception, we have been sticking to the business philosophy of integrity, honesty, and sincerity of lawyer Wu., and have been keeping to the core values of public welfare, prevention, and popularization. By integrating accountants, patent attorneys, land administration agents, public notaries, and other related professions, we provide our clients with the full legal services to resolve legal disputes.
1. Integrity - loyal to what is entrusted

We cherish each client’s trust, and the client's entrustment is not only a case but a responsibility to us. First, based on the Principle of Utmost Good Faith, we fully and accurately inform all important information about the case and abide by the agreements and commitments to our clients. Next, we improve our expertise and abilities from time to time to confirm that we have sufficient capability. And last, on the premise of learning and complying with the law, we strictly abide by professional ethics and codes, perform the obligations of lawyers, and assist the clients to strive for the greatest legitimate interests.

2. Honesty - the Swot Analysis

We hope our clients can rationally make the most favorable choice in many ways to solve legal problems. So that we assist them in rapidly clarifying the entrusted case, and provide comprehensive analysis and assessment according to the situation of the case. Let our clients understand the strengths and opportunities you may have, as well as the weaknesses and threats you may face in the future.

3. Sincerity - Accompany you to the end of process

We understand how important each case is to the client; the panic when going to court for the first time; the helplessness in the face of an unknown chance of winning the lawsuit and the disappointment when the result of the case does not go as expected. It is precisely because we know that we shoulder heavy responsibility, and we hope that both parties can establish a professional relationship and become warm legal professionals. We will attentively listen to the demands of the clients, empathize with their feelings, and go with them to face all legal proceedings.

1. Actively engage in commonweal of legal affairs

We spare no efforts to devote to those who need social care, and actively dedicate to social welfare services. We also have continued to participate in the social services of non-profit organizations for a long time, such as legal aid, social welfare, educational institution, and other organizations, that provide different legal services according to the characteristics and needs of their organizations. In addition, continuously assist the victims and their families in the litigation proceedings as their agents or advocates.

2. Promote legal prevention

Based on the business philosophy that the legal precautionary mechanism is better than post remedial action; therefore, for corporate and juridical persons, we assist our parties in attaching the importance to legal risk management. For example, strengthening legal knowledge through on-the-job training of employees, seeking lawyers in advance to provide risk assessment and advice on contracts to avoid the realization of legal risks. Besides, for natural persons and communities, we are often invited to give speeches to various for-profit or non-profit organizations to actively promote the common sense of law.

3. Specialize in Dispute Resolution Mechanisms by Non-Litigation

We do not encourage litigation and provide parties with Dispute Resolution Mechanisms by Non-Litigation, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, etc., which can save parties' investment costs in time, money, manpower, etc. In recent years, we have been more active in the implementation and advocacy of restorative justice. Various opportunities for dialogue and problem-solving are provided while respecting free will, so that offenders can recognize the impact of their behavior on others, are willing to take responsibility for their behavior, and fill the victim's property damage or other non-pecuniary loss to repair the emotional trauma of those involved in criminal incidents. In addition to serving as the seed teacher of restorative justice, lawyer Wu. currently has been a practitioner, and actively promote to the communities, campuses, and institutions by means of supervision and speeches.

4. Mainly provide services for corporate and juridical persons

About 80% of our parties are corporate and juridical persons, and most of them are legal counsel contracted parties. Through the mutual trust and tacit understanding that we have cultivated for a long time, when a case occurs, we can provide necessary legal assistance to the problem in time, which has won the trust and affirmation of many parties.

5. Skilled in civil and commercial cases and related legal procedures

As the corporate and juridical persons are the main service object, we are good at handling civil and commercial laws that enterprises will face often in business operation, as well as related legal procedures, such as promissory payment, promissory note ruling, civil injunctive procedure, notarization, authentication, compulsory enforcement, etc.

6. Assist parties in intensifying the corporate governance

Assist the company in legalizing its business operations, establish a full internal control mechanism, avoid abuse of power and ensure the rights and interests of shareholders. Such as attending the board of directors, providing legal advice at regular meetings of shareholders, and assisting in amending the Articles of Incorporation, the rules governing the proceedings of meetings, etc. At present, Lawyer Wu has further served as an independent director of the company. In addition to effectively supervising the operation of the company from the perspective of impartiality and objectivity, he can also provide other customers with services that better meet their needs through his practical experience.

7. Rich experience in legal counsel

For the problems and needs of individual customers, we sign a long-term legal counsel contract to provide customized services. Through the introduction of a legal information management system, the use of a supervision system, and regular group discussions, the one-stop service is provided by an internal team of lawyers who specialize in different fields, combined with a group of external professional consultants. Since May 1993, there have been a number of long-term customers over the years, including many Listed and OTC companies, well-known domestic enterprises, and industry-leading corporations. Industries include the manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products, manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medicinal chemical products, real estate activities, construction of buildings, food and beverage service activities, personal and family legal counsel, etc.